Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery is owned and operated by the Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids. However, the staff at Holy Trinity Catholic Church is responsible for the administration of the cemetery.

Holy Trinity Cemetery was established to honor the deceased of Holy Trinity Parish. We have a concern that in the future there might not be room for parishioners. Therefore burial in Holy Trinity Cemetery is not open to all. To be buried in Holy Trinity Cemetery a person must be a registered parishioner or have a connection with the parish in one of the following relationships:

  • People who have purchased a grave space while they were parishioners, but have since moved away or dropped away from Church.
  • The children of parishioners who had purchased a grave space, even though they are not now members of the parish, or practicing Catholics.
  • A non- catholic family member who wishes to be buried with a person who has purchased a grave space in Holy Trinity Cemetery.


Holy Trinity Parish Secretary
1200 Alpine Church Road N.W.
Comstock Park, MI   49321
Phone: 616-784-0677, Fax: 616-784-0678
Email: parishoffice@holytrinitycp.org



Dave Homrich
Phone: 616-262-5074


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The pictures below were taken at the funeral of Thomas Becker on Thursday, May 7, 2015. Tom Becker was nostalgically carried to the cemetery today, as the family processed behind.

becker funeral procession becker funeral in cemetery