FAQ’s and General Information

Who may be buried at Holy Trinity Catholic cemetery?

  • Non-Catholic spouses or relatives of Catholics who have already purchased the right of burial in our Catholic cemetery can also be buried there. Catholic cemeteries have a long tradition of dedicated service to the Catholic community including non-Catholic’s spouses, children, parents and other relatives.
  • Can someone who committed suicide be buried in our Catholic cemetery?
    Yes, it is recognized that those who die from the act of suicide deserve understanding and compassion. The deceased may have been suffering from a serious psychological issue or overwhelming fear and confusion. Therefore, the Church offers funeral and burial rites for those who have died as a result of suicide. The American edition of the Catholic ritual includes prayers for this specific situation.

Availability of space

  • Our Catholic cemetery has space available.
  • Can more than one person be buried in a single grave?
    We will bury one full-body and up to two cremations or three cremations in a single grave. There is a fee for each additional burial.

General Information

  • Only Holy Trinity parishioners may purchase a grave site; however, non-parishioners may be buried on a family grave site.
  • Sites are sold in 2’s or 4’s; however, a limited number of single grave sites are available.
  • As of March 16 2022, the cost of each site is $500 which includes $100 of perpetual care. Perpetual care on a cemetery plot is included in the purchase price to cover the care fee for maintenance and grounds keeping.
  • Monuments must be placed on 4 site graves. 2 site graves are only allowed a slant stone or foot stone.
  • Planting is not allowed on a grave site (i.e. bushes, flowers).
  • All decorations on the grave site must be movable – due to mowing constraints.
  • The cemetery is closed during some of the winter months when the sexton deems it dangerous to walk. This closing is communicated in the bulletin.
  • Spring cleanup of all graves site should be done by Memorial Weekend.
  • Grave layout (normal layout for couples is wife on right side of grave and husband on left)