Haiti Project

Learn how you can help Fr. Harold in this time of Covid-19!

Haiti Project Video 2020

Holy Trinity Alpine is in its second decade of giving assistance to her sister parish on the island of La Gonave, Haiti.  St. Lucie Parish is situated in the remote center of the island, which is the poorest part of Haiti.

Father Harold Francois, its priest, is thirty-nine years old, and is responsible for three schools:  St. Lucie School; St. Yves School; and St. Therese School.  Only St. Therese School has an actual school building, the other two are only temporary structures without foundations or solid walls, and have thatched and tarp roofs.

In addition to a monthly stipend which provides small salaries for the teachers and principals at the schools, a meal each day for some of the schoolchildren, and a small amount of medical care, Holy Trinity has recently provided a generator and a refrigerator for the rectory there, as well as schoolbooks, electrical wiring and tools for building repairs.

Upcoming projects include a water collection system for the church and rectory roofs, and we have started a fund that will eventually sink a second well near the church.

If you’re interested in becoming involved, contact Robin Savino 231-510-2384, haitiproject@holytrinitycp.org