How to get your RESERVATIONS for Mass


Thank you for your interest in drawing nearer to The Body of Christ by attending Mass. For safety’s sake and to comply with state and diocesan requirements, we need to maintain lists of the people who gather each Mass at Holy Trinity. That way we can alert you if there has been a COVID-19 outbreak linked back to one of the Masses.  

Making an advance reservation accomplishes two things:   First, it speeds up the sign-in time at Mass. It also helps you know how many others plan to attend a particular Mass so you can be assured of a seat.  

Follow these simple instructions for your RESERVATIONS:

  • Click on the blue RESERVATIONS below, which will take you to Holy Trinity page on the Eventbrite website
  • For WEEKEND Masses select Mass of the Lord’s Supper, or select the Holy Day of your choice
  • At the website click on the red button “Select A Date”
  • Scroll to the date/Mass time you want, then click the red button “Tickets” for that date
  • Indicate how many people you need a reservation for (1 through 10. If you need more than 10 tickets you will need to make another reservation.
  • Click the red button “Register” to fill in your name and email address.  IMPORTANT we need your name and contact information. Click the red button “Register”.  On your screen you will have a confirmation message telling you your tickets were emailed to you.  (If you click the “View Tickets” button it will want you to create an account. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT)  Your reservations will be in your email. 

It’s that easy!


Although the free Eventbrite service uses the term “ticket,” no actual ticket is necessary to join us at the Lord’s table.

Remember, masks and social distancing are required.