Holy Trinity Scrip Program


The SCRIP PROGRAM at Holy Trinity Church and School is a means of raising funds for specific, dedicated areas of need. As an option, proceeds earned from the purchase of SCRIP may be used to help families pay their tuition for Holy Trinity Preschool and School or West Catholic High School.  All school families, as well as parishioners, are strongly encouraged to participate in the SCRIP program to the fullest extent possible. (Why not? It’s free!)

The word “SCRIP” means substitute money.  At Holy Trinity, SCRIP consists of gift cards/certificates to a wide variety of merchants that can be purchased at face value.  Since the church purchases SCRIP in volume, the merchants give us a discount.  There are no hidden costs to SCRIP purchases.  For example, when you purchase a $25 GAS CARD to SPEEDWAY, you pay exactly $25 for it, and it is worth exactly $25 when you use it.  In this transaction $1.00 is earned since SPEEDWAY pays 4% on their cards.

Interested? You can check out a list of participating  by clicking merchants or at www.shopwithscrip.com.



Complete SCRIP information packets are available at the SCRIP office in the Parish Office.  First-time SCRIP purchasers need to fill out a registration form to ensure your family information is entered into the computer system.  Once the registration form is complete, you may begin to purchase SCRIP.

Start Purchasing

It is easy to start buying and using SCRIP.  You must ORDER ONLINE and pay through PrestoPay.


Go to www.shopwithscrip.com, click on ‘REGISTER’, and click ‘Join a Scrip Program’.  Enter Holy Trinity’s enrollment code 6L3D9E57229 and continue to set up an account.



Please take a look at the participating merchants.

Thank you,

Jennifer Mitchell, Scrip Coordinator