Sex Abuse Crisis Resources

Knights of Columbus Video

The sex abuse crisis is more than a church issue. Children are at risk from many directions in life, even close family friends, as the couple in this video share. Our job as parents is to keep them as a first priority always, maintain healthy, trusting relationships so they feel safe discussing difficult topics and BE AWARE of the signs and symptoms of abuse.

” Sexual abuse of children is more common than most people realize.”

– Dr. Monica Applewhite – Protecting Our Children:A Family’s Response to Sexual Abuse Video

Diocesan Statements/Resources

How to report the abuse of a child

A Quick Reference Guide Pamphlet: How the Church is focusing on Protecting God’s Children

Diocesean Safe Environment policy

USCCB Resources

So There Is No Doubt: USCCB flyer on measures in place to protect children

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has a webpage for Child and Youth Protecton