The School Basement and Family Center Are Available for Rent to Parishioners

If you would like to inquire about either facility, please call our parish office at 784-0677 ext. 110.  The parish staff can review the calendar for the rental date and see if it is available.

If the rental date you request is available, print the following documents found on this website:

  1. Rental agreement (either Family Center or School Basement)
  2. Facility Usage form
  3. Special Events Insurance

Bring the following documents to the office to book your event:

  1. Fill out the last two pages of rental agreement.
  2. Fill out the Facility Usage form.
  3. Bring cash or a check written to Holy Trinity for the deposit required to book your event ($50 for the School Basement and $150 for the Family Center).

Please Remember:  The rental amount for your booked space is due two (2) weeks prior to your event.

kitchen checklist and explanation will be given with the keys on the Thursday or Friday prior to the event.

After the event has taken place the keys and kitchen checklist should be returned to the office the Monday following your event.

View Family Center and School Basement bookings already on the parish calendar.