Holy Trinity’s Prayer Line Is Available via Email. 

Please know that you do NOT need to leave a name. A message such as, “Please pray for Matilda; she is having surgery” or “Please pray for EH; he is struggling with depression” is perfectly fine. If you wish to leave more information, you may, but it is important for us to respect the privacy of others. The prayer line is a means of spiritual assistance, not gossip. Also, the shorter the message, the easier it is to pass on to others. The purpose of the Prayerline Email is to provide 24/7 availability to submit prayer requests and to participate in this ministry by praying for all requests sent our way. This ministry allows anyone who has access to email to join in the “Power of Prayer” by spiritually developing their relationship with God and in helping others with their needed prayers.  It allows individuals in need of prayers for a quick & easy way to request the help of fellow parishioners for their support.  All requests are handled in a sensitive and confidential manner.

Prayer is the gift of the Holy Spirit. You are invited to join this ministry to pray for the various requests received.  Prayer requests are passed along once a day to members of this ministry when requests are received. You may easily join this ministry by sending an email to the address listed below.  Contact will be made within 24 hours on your interest of this ministry.  Bless you for your prayers & time!

For more information or to make a prayer request please contact the Prayerline directly at:  prayerline@holytrinitycp.org.